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Direction to feed Kuman

Direction I write are from Temple and recommend from my experience.


After you receive your Kuman. Invite him to his new home call him his old name (if have) and give him new name you want to call him, saying that “from now his name is change to …………”.
Introduce yourself and your family who live in same house. Tell him that you are his new owner.


Set him on his place, It can be shelf or table work but PLEASE NOTE THAT : NOT in foot side (in bed room) or low position. And not put him face to West. If your house have Buddha shelf put them lower than Buddha shelf. If your house has spirit house let your spirit house know that you have new member.
Use 5-7 joss sticks (if possible) and chant Kuman Thong Katha.

Feed food,

You can feed them with small dessert, candy, food or chocolate etc.
You can change food for them each few days (2-3 day/time)
But drinking water or soda water cannot be lack.
For example that if you leave your house for a week you should put them bottle of water or Soda water, it can be Coke too.
First time feed in new home you should chant Katha for feed Kuman.

Ask for Kuman help,

Owner can be ask Kuman for helping in something in Thailand we call “Bon”
If you need confidence to close business deal, exam or some goal target.
You have to talk with your Kuman like “.… (Kuman name)… I have to close my business deal with ….. if you help me I will buy you sport car (small toy)”
After you get your goal give him a gift you tell him BUT if not DON’T give him.
Gift can be small toy or special food such as happy meal with toy.
Owner should always ask them for help to keep them work and be good boy.

Normally Kuman which blessed from temple is not harmful to people.
We believe that there are good spirit. You will not see any spirit but some owner can hear, dream and feel their Kuman.

Kumanthong Katha

Na Mo Tassa Bhakhawato Arahato Samma Sambudh Tassa

Na Mo Tassa Bhakhawato Arahato Samma Sambudh Tassa

Na Mo Tassa Bhakhawato Arahato Samma Sambudh Tassa

Bud-dha-ssa bu-cha

Dham-ma-ssa bu-cha

Sang-ka-ssa bu-cha

Pa-ti-pa-ti bu-cha

bha-wan-tu -me

U-ka-sa U-ka-sa

Ka-pa-jow kau -wai took-ka-ta-thong

kau -jong ma bung-gert

yoo nai jak-ku ta-warn

nai ma-no ta-warn

nai guy ta-warn

hang ka-pa-jow

Kau day-cha, ka-pa-jow dai bum-pen goo-son

ma tae a-nek-a-nan-ta-chart

Gert -dui took-ka-ta-thong

lahp-pra-kan jong -ma bung-gert gae -ka-pa-jow

tung pad tit nung nung

Jong ma took wan yah dai kard sak-ka-ra nun ler

Hai meuan onk took-ka-ta-thong nan terd

Offering Food Katha

I mang

Soo pa pa yan cha na

Sam pan nang

Salee nang

Po cha na nang

Oot ta kang

Wa rang

Put tas sa

Poo che mi

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