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"Welcome to Top Amulet"

We are collector and trader Genuine antique Buddha Amulets, Talisman and artifacts from Thailand and Southeast Asia. With Top Amulet you can trust that the items are rare, sacred, genuine and beautiful

Our antique shop is located in Chiangmai northern of Thailand. Our shop open more than 20 years ago. We provide only Genuine Antique Thai Amulets, Talisman, Buddha Amulet.

Now a day world economic crisis starts my thinking about worldwide amulet trade. Because in Buddhism believe that If you have Thai Buddhist Amulet with you. Its power can help and improve better your life to do anything smoother and easy in any problem just like economic crisis . It will help the owner prevent any bad things and protect you. More get that your wish and hope also brings Luck, wealth, fortune and encourage you to fight any obstacle with a powerful help of Ancient Magic . The unique art style and beautiful image make Thai Buddhist Amulet to be the most famous and most wanted.

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